October 16, 2011

Rallies Sweep the Globe (Update 10-17)

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Pictures of the protests from The Guardian.

If your news source isn't informing you that rallies sparked by Occupy Wall Street are now sweeping the globe, then I suggest upgrading to a better source for news.

If your news source characterizes the rallies as only "leftist" or "hippies" I suggest you upgrade to a more informing news source.

If your news source omits that the rallies have for instance plenty of anti-war signs, I suggest you upgrade to a better news source, one that reports more information without bias.

Something big is stirring, and it isn't a fringe, not at all.

Two of the stronger common themes repeated many times now:

Stop bailing out rich bank investors.
End the wars.

Those themes are not particular to any single political party or viewpoint.

They are more universal than anything.

They are a very good start for this nascent movement.

I think we are seeing about 1/5000th to 1/10,000th of the people willing to get out on the streets for such causes.

In the U.S., for instance, I think there are at least 40 million citizens that agree with the views being presented strongly enough, with enough passion, to get out on the street under the right circumstances, if conditions merit that much effort.  For now, they are the silent supporters.

(I'll have more to say in the coming week)

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