October 20, 2011


Inspiring sight this weekend.  We were going to a festival and traveled along a commercial boulevard in a big suburb, on a nice sunny and windy day, when a truly novel sight met my eyes in that landscape.

To get this scene, imagine an archetypal suburb shopping road, all chain stores, restaurants, gas stations,  totally consumers jockeying along wishing there were less people doing the same thing at the same time, packed, slow roads (judging from this road, there isn't much recession going on).

Suddenly alongside the road at a major intersection I saw a large, sparkling, 4' x 6' American flag whipping straight in the wind, like a vision.  So new, so clean, so red and blue and white.  At first, such a sight made me expect some same-old-same-old protest.

3 people stood there, and as we passed slowly from the intersection in heavy traffic I saw the man holding the flag pole smiling like it was a new world.

His sign read:
War is stupid.
-- Gen. Eisenhower

Cars were honking in support -- this in a suburb of a large city, the classic Republican stronghold.

The 3 protesters waved, smiling at the cars and people, in a clear mutual love fest kind of atmosphere.

Do representatives realize how well most of the American people understand this war is pointless, useless?  I've a feeling anti-war feeling is well above 50%.

There is hope for our nation.


"War settles nothing."
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

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