March 15, 2012

"U.S. Out of Afghanistan!"

They don't want us there.

We don't want to be there, as a majority.

They don't understand us well.

We don't understand them well enough. Our popular analysis uses stereotypes that are false. Our intelligence analysis is likely to be simplistic also.

It's none of our business how they choose to conduct their future.

We've already accomplished our mission.

Remaining there causes more and more resentment in various ways, making us less secure over time.

We can remain secure without being there.

We can conduct missions there later if needed after we remove combat troops.

We should have left after finding bin Laden.  Even in a phased withdrawal, there are far better options -- click here for much better plans we could follow, which I laid out 17 months ago. That 2nd plan is sharply superior to Obama's in its long-term likely results.

I label the current plan "Obama's" because he now finally owns this war as it is, and has the responsibility to change the direction it is going.

Under our current plan, we will need extreme luck not to produce very bad outcomes 5 and 10 years from now.

Here is a nuanced, in-depth set of analysis, including how to really fight militants successfully.

Our current plans are harmful to ourselves and others.

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