September 13, 2011

Yes, He Can, If He Will (Update)

Can Obama speak to Americans, in language that works for a larger portion of the populace?

Yes, he can. He showed us during the address to Congress.

Here's a newer bit I'm listening to now. We want to know if Obama's new way of speaking might stick, as we need it to.... I'll give the address to Congress an A, and this effort (the C-Span video) below a C+.

It's not easy to change. What's needed: more of a sense of emotional urgency. That's a fine line to walk, and Obama has the personality to walk it well, if he can remember what it's all about.

There are two main communication needs for the Country now. One is for a leader to rally us in the right direction.

The second is for someone to widely explain the simple reality that your job depends on the total demand in the economy and whether there is true free trade. We have to get both right. This means we need both public/private investment (such as the proposed Jobs Act would increase), and we need to require (not ask) an end to the Chinese import tariffs against our made-in-America goods and huge export subsidies for their goods sold to us, to give American workers a fair chance in the global economy.


Update 9/13 PM from the Newshour -- This is more like it:

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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