July 17, 2009

(Update 7-29) Reforms to Control Health Care Cost Inflation

See the updated version of this post here.


  1. Your ideas are great and I totally agree. There is such a misconception out there that more care equals better health when in reality, about a third of our spending is of little or no benefit. I'm appalled that lawmakers aren't discussing strategies such as yours because they are obviously necessary to control costs in the long run.

  2. I like ideas that give people or patients control of their lives. If I can be given information and time to look into things and some second or maybe third opinions... that would make me feel more in control and more like a human being rather than a statistic or another piece to move through the system and save some money on. I hope if or when I am in need of care that my wishes will be respected no matter the course of treatment that I choose or don't choose to follow.

  3. Anon -- thanks. I'm hopeful that some of these ideas will indeed be in the debate, sooner or later. A large number of visitors have read this post.

    Thomas -- I think many people feel as you do. I know I do.