July 13, 2009

"Moderate", "Conservative", "Liberal" -- Beam Me Up, Scotty

Are you tired of still hearing useless labels used even in the NYTimes that tell us absolutely nothing at all about a person or their beliefs or thoughts?

Worse is if you've left those labels behind, and were happy to be rid of them, and then you find even an good economist with an influential position insists on participating occasionally in that Limbaugh-style grouping of Americans into political camps.

Not "Dumb, and Dumber" -- "Liberal," "Conservative"...or the "M" word.

Sure, I understand this. I did this some in high school, having fun debating my friends about Reagan-Carter in 1980. But at University, I would have been embarrassed to even use such categories. Is this only the sensibility of a lover of novels?

I don't think so. But...

But I realize people are able to imbue old words with new meanings. There could be some new fun in using "Liberal" and "Conservative."

Trouble is...those old words still have their old meanings to most people.

The problem is a battle between camps is a recipe for general failure as a nation.


Be honest, really honest, and take the 4 people in the world you have known the most completely in your life.

Are they just "Liberal" or "Conservative" or ..."Moderate"?

Did their philosophies, outlooks, understandings, beliefs fall into such broad categories?

Would you want them to?

Enough already. America is not Fox News!

Paul, come and join us in the post-Fox-News America. There are more people here than you think!

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