June 9, 2009

Expanding Subjects and Fun Stuff (and subscriptions info)

I started this blog with the intent to have fun with a wide range of subjects related to economics and our lives, more akin to the range in the book I'm finishing now. As you know, I've writen here almost exclusively on economics to date as once-in-a-lifetime events have dominated the last half year. We are skirting on the edge of a worldwide depression, and it isn't clear yet which way we will move. The next two years will decide this question.

But it's time to start having fun here with topics I've wanted to explore.

Also, I'll be limiting subscriptions/feeds to short intros in order to encourage more people to read directly here on the site and make comments.

Those who like the blog for it's serious, careful assessments of economic conditions and paths will still find posts in that vein. The fun stuff I'll be exploring will be relevant also -- it's like brainstorming and research and development. So expect a mix of some far ranging ideas, fun connections, and quite serious assessments of what is happening, all three. Most will find this mix more interesting.


One interesting bit that popped into my head an hour ago: the movie Field of Dreams -- Kevin Costner in the field and then: "...If you build it....they will come." A post on this soon...

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