June 1, 2009

Best of May

We just got back from a little vacation, but making a best of the month for May is quite easy.

One interview stood out well above others to my mind:

David Goldman being interviewed by Tom Keene
(scroll down the list to "David Goldman...")

Some thoughts:

My take on the issue of American demographics and the future economy is here (and previous more in-depth thoughts on Japan's lost decade and how to avoid it is here.)

While the middle of the interview (on Chrysler bondholders) just made me wonder whether the taxpayers put enough money into Chrysler to be able to simply subsidize the Unions more than the bondholders during bankruptcy (this question isn't addressed), the rest of the interview is good stuff.

We face an endless barrage of information and shallow analysis. When someone talks about the real issues that underlie the trends and issues of the day, this kind of interview is far more interesting.

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